Ocean Walk Shelter at Serpong Waterpark
celebrating the entrance of waterpark by public plaza which is responding to the context, cost concious, and weather changing
Workshop Competition, winner, unbuilt, 2007

Tebet Urban Park Design Competition
reinventing an urban hybrid park, between urban forest which able to accomodate sport, leisure, and education need of the surrounding inhabitant. creating urban oasis as civic centre and new urban icon.
design comtetition, 2nd prize, 2008
sapu lidi design team:
donatus w gurnito, dwi r jaya, sony r wibowo, teguh parbowo, wahyu e purnomo, yovinianus dp

Multievent Public Space at Alun-Alun Utara Jogjakarta Palace
an urban experiment of burden architecture, infill design, and commercial generator
Final Assignment Project, unbuilt, 2007
architecture without facade no upper structure. Is it still an architecture?

Background issues:

1. Agglomeration of Yogyakarta city

The agglomeration of Yogyakarta city has pushed the residential function and its activities to the sub urban areas. Most of the space in the center of the city whose high land value has being converted to be a commercial space without considering non-commercial space.

2. Lost space in Yogyakarta

There is a fact that there is some area in the center of the city with high land value used for nothing. Some of them are owned by Yogyakarta city government and private asset also. If most of them used for public services or facilities, even mixed with commercial purpose, it can help very much the lack of public open space in Yogyakarta.

One of those areas is Alun-Alun Utara Keraton Yogyakarta. In fact, it is not a 'negative' area, but some facts on site show that Alun-Alun Utara start to lost their soul and genius loci. The design of this project will answer some issues below:

1. Private Space VS Public Space

Alun-Alun Utara Keraton Yogyakarta is a private asset owned by Kasultanan Yogyakarta. The purpose of this area is to accommodate the ceremony and cultural events. Unfortunately, the frequency of the events decreases now. In the other hand, because of the location is in the center of Yogyakarta city and have good accessibility, this area is used for a lot of people who come from many areas in Yogyakarta city for public activities/events.

It shows that Alun-Alun Utara changes from a private area to be a public area. It causes Alun-Alun Utara cannot deal with the factual need of the people.

The solution is to create a hybrid space. It will make the area used for a public space and a private space as well. People can use the public space for sport, art and music performance, watching a movie, etc. The area for private is used to accommodate the cultural and ceremonial needs, such as Garebeg, Sekaten, Shalat Id, and Jumenengan Sultan.

Technically, alun-alun area will be divided into many zones for many purposes of use and activities:

a. Conservation zone. In this zone, we will not make any changes for the elements in this place, because it plays an important thing to keep the image of the place.

b. Public zone. This area is modified to accommodate the public needs, such as: some public facilities, commercial, and infrastructure.

c. Transition zone. The function of this area is used both for public and private activities. The use of the area depends on people and Keraton’s needs.

2. Street vendors

The street vendors in Alun-Alun Utara cause some problems below:

a. In some areas they cause the reducing of the image and the sacred value of the space.

b. They occupy the public area by placing their semi permanent building in pedestrian way.

However, informal sector is the one of the important parts of livability in Yogyakarta, especially in economic aspect.

The solution is to formalize the street vendor’s space. The aim is to protect their right and make a border for the area for their activity.

The other solution is mixing it (low retails) with shops and other tenant (mid/hi retails). It is adopt from Malioboro arcade model.

3. The Lack of parking area

Nowadays, some areas in alun-alun utara are also used for parking area of buses and cars of tourists who visit Keraton and its surroundings. In fact, the government provides central parking area in Ngupasan and Jl. Senopati but this parking area is too far from Keraton and the tourists do not know that they are some traditional transportation to use to go from the parking area to Keraton.

Therefore, the solution is to create the transportation internodes to enhance the use of local transportation, such as becak, andong, bendi, etc. To anticipate the increasing of visitors and tourists in Alun-Alun Utara and its surrounding, the basement 3 of the building will be used for central PARKing area.

4. Modernization VS Conservation

Conservation is the one of the crucial issues that to be answered by the design in this project. The design is a modernization of this place, but it still conserve the tangible and intangible heritage, even they highlighted. The design response the heritage, such as:

    1. Rectangle shape of alun-alun

The shape strengthens by placing the access and gates in the borders of the alun-alun. It highlighted by dominant lighting in the night time.

    1. The horizontal scale of the alun-alun

To conserve the horizontal scale of the alun-alun, the built element in the alun-alun planned to have minimum height. The design of the roof will be able to accommodate some activities. It will be the green (grass) roof like the common spaces in alun-alun.

    1. Twin banyan trees as orientation of the alun-alun

Some built element in the alun-alun will be direct to twin banyan trees to strengthen the orientation of the alun-alun to that banyan trees. There is will be placed some windows to create the visual access to the twin banyan trees from the basement floor. There is will be placed some window in the basement to create visual access to the roots of the banyan trees. Then, the banyan’s roots will be the main orientation in the basement floor.

    1. Circulation path of Garebeg ceremony

The physical changes in alun-alun will be kept the circulation path of garebeg ceremony from Keraton to the Masjid Agung as well as the existing path.

    1. Circulation of kirab jumenengan raja

The physical changes in alun-alun will be kept the circulation path of kirab jumenengan raja.

    1. Pasar malam Sekaten

Keep the alun-alun as an open space to accommodate the pasar malem sekaten with some adjustment for safety for the underground structure below.

    1. The cosmological axis of Jogjakarta in alun-alun utara

The pedestrian way between Malioboro to alun-alun will be moved to the center of the street and the vehicle way will be moved to the right and left of the pedestrian way. The purpose is to giving the pedestrian as a dominant player of this street. The cosmological axis will be felt stronger by waking on foot in the center of the center of the street because they move in low speed.

Nusa Dua Park, Space for Peace, Harmony, and Universality
an landscape scenario to commemorate Bali Bomb Tragedy
Design Competition, submitted, unbuilt 2007

The master concept is the using of traditional Balinese rule to divide land into different zones. They are Utamaning Utama, Madnyaning Utama, and Nistaning Utama. They have different meanings and symbols, such as:

Nistaning Utama is a symbol of body and materialization of human beings. It symbolizes the sin and evil of the human beings. However, evil is a part of human beings and everyone have to always create the harmonious with the goodness.
In the design process, that symbol has transformed into a reflecting pool with radial orientation. Reflecting pool means everyone must evaluate their attitude and the way of life every time. The radial orientation means 8 wind direction and 8 God in Hindunese. They always maintain the harmonization of the world with their special power.

Utamaning Utama is a symbol of spirit of human beings because this zone is the most sacred place. It shows the holiness and purity.
In the design process this zone has transformed into space of silence. Space of silence is place for people to feel the message of peace, and we should give to others just like water that never stops flow.

Madyaning Utama is transition zone between Utamaning Utama and Nistaning Utama. It symbolize of soul of the human beings. To be a good human being we have to keep our soul into spirit and holiness.
In the design process, this zone has transformed into place for sound of peace.
This area is connecting from the Nusa Gede Island to the other island. In this area will be placed some sculpture, signage, and landscape furniture that containing message of peace from some wise people who bring message of peace to the world.

Nur Hidayah Hospital Development
high demand in program need compare to small land parcel and limited budgeting plan is the main challenge of this design process.
Design,built, 2007
west elevation
the exisiting structure
the site context
design team: donatus windya gurnito(team leader/architect)), ratri ismayasti (hospital planner), m herman irfani(architect/post occupancy examiner), yuli arifianto(architect, 3Dmodeling)